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Junckollage Junck:

Workshops . Dreamcatchers . Journals . Sketchbooks . Travel Diaries . Bohemian Bags . Pencil Cases . Whimsical Jewelry . Jewelry Holders . Cassette Lamps + Other random quirks! 

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Dreamcatcher workshops are back from December!

We're available for birthday parties & other events. Let's do something different for a change! 

Find all the details on our upcoming workshops in the 'WoRKSHOP details & pricing' section. Register for workshops RIGHT here online + enjoy $50 off when you book 2 or more workshops.

Stay tuned! More whimsical workshops coming your way soon...
Check out the dreamcatcher workshop options below>>> 

Ahoy Junckollage Junckies! Welcome to our whimsical world... This adventure all started from my lifelong obsession with found objects, upcycling & mixed media which has since whirled into one cosmically stellar junckollage! If you haven’t guessed it, ’Junckollage’ is a combination of my two favourite words junk+collage. I’m thrilled to share my eclectic handmade Junck with you :D